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All along, Spanish guitars have offered a very special sound, the sound we all love. That is exactly what La Mancha Guitars wants to offer you. With our multicultural approach, we combine classic design with innovative ideas.

Established in 2001

Our first La Mancha Guitar was designed and sold in Tübingen (Germany).

80 models to choose from

La Mancha stands for variety that unites traditional but modern designs. Under this claim, we offer all relevant guitar sizes.

Over 40 markets

La Mancha guitars inspire adolescent guitarists worldwide. In over 40 countries, our guitars help carry on the guitar tradition.

The story of La Mancha Guitars is closely linked to building a guitar that meets the high demands of a traditional classical guitar and is also affordable for young, ambitious guitarists.

Under this premise, we founded La Mancha Guitars in 2001.

Unique idea, precious evolution, special sound.

We have made a name for ourselves among guitar students within just a few years thanks to our consistently high quality and good value for money.

This has been confirmed for many years at regular intervals by the EGTA, which awards numerous of our student guitars every two years. You can find more information here.

Today, La Mancha Guitars is the perfect mix of German development, Spanish construction and Asian manufacturing. Our product range is no longer limited to traditional student guitars in all relevant sizes. We have a wide range of crossover models in different finishes and can therefore satisfy the individual requirements of a modern classical guitarist.

Good to know

Investing in future

With our brand rECOtimber, we have been investing in research projects for many years, which should help us in the future to thermally process local, regional wood in such a way that we can use it to build guitars.

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EGTA recommendation

The European Guitar Teachers Association awards the EGTA seal to selected guitar models every two years. Currently 15 La Mancha student guitars were named "recommended model 2019/2020" by the EGTA.

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Our biggest goal has always been to break down barriers and make the guitar accessible. Learning to play requires enough motivation and bite, so we want to offer help at least when choosing the right guitar.

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