Find your fit!

We'll show you how to find the right sized guitar. However, it is best to test it directly at the music store. Your local dealer is an expert and will be happy to help you find the right guitar.

Measure correctly

At La Mancha Guitars, we offer the right Rubi in the right size for everyone. Here we show you how to determine the right size for you or your child.

The body size can be a first orientation

The height of the guitarist can serve as a first orientation for choosing the right guitar size. The following list should help:

  • 65 scale: From a height of 1.80m
  • 63 scale: From a height of 1.69 m
  • 59 scale: From a height of 1.63m
  • 53 scale: From a height of 1.47m
  • 47 scale: From a height of 1.33 m
  • 41 scale: From a height of 1.20 m

However, since not only is the relative body size decisive, but also the size of the hands and the length of the arms, we recommend carrying out the following test.

Place your elbow parallel to the guitar neck. Your wrist should be between the first and second fret. That is the perfect Rubi.

Find your fit!

Finding the right size for your Nylon String Guitar!