La Mancha Series

We have designed our La Mancha guitars to fit with our five series. Each of these series has been uniquely inspired and designed with specific needs, aesthetics, or specifications in mind. Whether you’re just starting out on your guitar playing journey or are already somewhat of an expert yourself, we’re certain you’ll find a make and model for you in our portfolio.


The multiple award-winning models of the Rubi series have become an indispensable part of classical guitar lessons. The special feature is clearly in the construction: The Spanish neck-to-foot connection gives you a guitar that follows the Spanish guitar tradition - a rarity in this price segment. With Rubi, we offer a wide selection of guitars in different sizes for every age.

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The Rubinito series is the little sister of the Rubi. The guitar series, which has received several awards from the European Guitar Teachers Association, is the classic entry-level model in different sizes and colours and with different features.

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Piedra Preciosa

The Piedra-Preciosa series offers you the full quality of La Mancha: High-quality processed guitars meet unconventional woods. In the models of this series, we use carefully selected grained maple, acacia, cherry, padouk and pau ferro for the back and sides.

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With our beginner series, Romero, we prove once more that quality is affordable and can have many faces. With Romero, we offer a series far above the level of classic beginner guitars.

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20s edition

With the 20s edition, we underline our claim to develop the classical guitar further in line with the current zeitgeist and a modern spirit. This is where unusual finishes meet modern designs. Are you looking for an atypical but modern classical guitar, then you've come to the right place. 

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