Pickup Systems

Discover more about our innovative La Mancha pickups: to level up your acoustic playing experience and guarantee a reliable acoustic sound on stage.

The BR1 Pickup system

With the BR-1, we offer a natural-sounding Undersaddle Piezo Pickup combined with a simple active preamp that is extremely reliable. The simple operation offers the possibility to influence the sound of the La Mancha guitar in terms of volume, treble and bass. A battery light is installed to notify you if the battery needs to be changed. In addition, the built-in tuner allows for the tuning of the guitar.

The simple and user-friendly features of the BR-1 have proven themselves in their simplicity and are therefore currently used in all La Mancha pickup models.

Previously used pickup systems

Shadow SH Performer PRO Tuner NFX 

SH Performer PRO Tuner NFX gives you an incredible range of different sounds and colors for your individual playing. It is delivered with a Nanoflex pickup, which sense the vibrations of the strings and the movements of the soundboard simultaneously. The sound is sweet and percussive with exact attack. This gives the feeling of having a microphone mixed with an undersaddle pickup. With the 4-band equalizer-controls (Bass, lo-mid, hi-mid, treble control) you will be able to adjust your personal, acoustic sound easily.

  • Volume control
  • Bass, lo-mid, hi-mid, treble control
  • Phase invert switch
  • Automatic cromatic tuner with on/off switch
  • Incl. two 3V cell batteries (#2032)
  • Incl. high-quality endpin connection
  • Incl. Nanoflex pickup
  • Required cutout: 58mm x 47mm
  • Size: 64,5mm x 56mm

More information on www.shadowelectronics.com | Download Manual