About La Mancha Guitars

A German concept that combines multicultural elements

The classical Spanish guitar with a modern twist.

All along, Spanish guitars have offered a very special sound, the sound we all love. That is exactly what La Mancha Guitars from Germany wants to offer you – the perfect mixture of German development, Spanish design and Asian manufacturing. With this multicultural approach, La Mancha Guitars combines classic design with innovative ideas.

In order to make a great La Mancha guitar, premium woods from all over the world are used: Canadian cedar, German and Swiss spruce and Indian Rosewood. In addition, the highest-quality strings from Savarez in France are incorporated in the manufacturing process. During assembly, traditional Spanish design and Chinese craftsmanship blend together. <br/><br/> The overall concept of La Mancha Guitars is based on high quality German work that guarantees technically sophisticated and well-built instruments.

All models are manufactured with the traditional Spanish design in mind, a proven sound board with the classic neck dimensions and the Spanish heel joint.

La Mancha Guitars is a modern approach to an ancient topic. As a result, enthusiastic musicians are getting a contemporary instrument that combines both current trends and traditional design to get the ultimate sound experience.

Play it. Love it!

Unique idea, precious evolution, special sound.

La Mancha Guitars are known for their contemporary models, their brilliant color and excellent sound. Therefore, the three lines Rubi, Piedra Preciosa and Quilate are named after precious stones. They are truly gemstones that symbolize love for music and passion for guitars. They convey a true authentic feel and emotions through their noble appearance. With the beginner series Romero, La Mancha Guitars proves yet again that excellent quality can be affordable. La Mancha Guitars –a modern interpretation of the classic and masterly guitars. Play it. Love it!

Premium German quality with an economically efficient production.

La Mancha Guitars feature superb quality in both design and materials. In order to meet the requirements of a modern premium concert guitar and be able to offer it at a fair price, all models are being produced in China. The production is carefully controlled by our German specialists, who are at the same time, in charge of the further development of La Mancha Guitars in terms of design and technology. Unlike the series Rubi, Piedra Preciosa and Romero, the high-end series Quilate undergoes its own manufacturing process, in which it is hand crafted under the supervision of a German guitar builder.
All instruments go through a double quality control process: the first one before they leave China and the final quality control in Germany. Accordingly each model is marked with a quality hangtag.

European standards in Asia.

As a German manufacturer it is essential for us to be consistent – even across boundaries – with our working standards. We set strict rules and regulations to ensure good working conditions. Our facilities feature bright, clean and air-conditioned rooms, as well as recreational facilities on-site. Of course regular working hours, health insurance, social security and a retirement plan are part of the benefits we offer our employees. Child labor is an absolute no-go at La Mancha Guitars.

High-quality technology for the perfect sound.

La Mancha Guitars have a captivating design, but as a German brand, technology is crucial: all models have a solid top and some of them even solid back and sides. Both the saddle and the bridge are made out of bone, to not only feature more stability, but also an optimal sound transmission. In addition, our guitars feature a special two-hole bridge that applies greater pressure on the strings, achieving an even better sound volume. Ultimately in order to create a product that responds to all customers’ needs and wants, we assemble our instruments to be as light in weight as possible but sturdy and durable at the same time.